We are excited to announce Kay Fisher & Associates is now The Fishers Real Estate Family!

Real Estate is Our Family Business-

Real Estate is the only career we’ve ever had. Our children understand our love for real estate and if you ask our 4th grader what she wants to be when she grows up, her first answer is “REALTOR”. We are a Real Estate Family.

Our Clients Become Part of Our Real Estate Family-

We value the relationships we have made with our clients over the last 18 years. We earned our clients’ trust by doing the right thing during the process so our relationships continue long after closing. We see our clients at events and we meet their expanding families. We welcome them into our Real Estate Family.

Our Team Members Are Like Family-

We have the privilege of working with a team that feels like family. Our team supports and trusts one another and we grow every day to serve our clients better. Our team is our Real Estate Family.

Our Family of Services-

We are expanding our family of real estate services. In addition to residential real estate, in 2020 our business will include commercial real estate services. Our mission is to be the trusted real estate advisers for all phases of life- buying the next home, growing a real estate portfolio or finding the right location for a new business. Our Real Estate Family of Services is expanding.

Contact Us Today- The Fishers Real Estate Family is Here to Help Yours!