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Matt & Amber Testimonial
October 2016
When making the decision to build a home, we were not sure whether or not to talk to a realtor. We did not know if it was as important as when buying/selling an existing home. It turns out, the decision to consult a realtor was the best decision and it was an even better decision to talk to Kay. Kay having a background with a large home builder knew the ins and outs of the home building/planning process from the builder’s perspective. The information and knowledge she was able to give us was so much more valuable than any other realtor could have. She was able to explain things in detail and suggest options that we did not know were available to us. We were very lucky to find Kay and I doubt we would have been able to build the home we did without her. She did the dirty work and allowed us to concentrate on the many decisions facing us. We really were able to enjoy the process more and worry less because we knew someone was watching out for our best interest.
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